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To understand the impact of global and local markets in our lives we rely on perspective and analysis as tools to help prepare and create the action plans with which to address common challenges and seize emerging opportunities.

Breaking news delivered 24/7 leaves little time for perspective or analysis. The escalating pace of reported technologies, innovations, disruptions, mergers, local, regional and global collisions can drive our everyday decision making to a short term understanding.

ACT Global Group’s Insights provides analysis from all sectors of the business community, focusing on the benefits of clarity, convergence, connections, and collaborations promoting and integrating best business models.

Lessons Learned: Response to Paris Terrorist Attack

PARIS—On the morning of November 13, the Paris SAMU (a fleet of emergency medical services ranging from ambulances to doctors) conducted a full dress rehearsal of their response plan to a multi-site terrorist attack. That same day there were three explosions and four shootings in the heart of Paris.

This time, the violence was not a drill. It was the worst terrorist attack on European soil in 11 years.