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Maritime Intermezzo


We hope you'll join our BLOG as we explore and collaborate to implement solutions to the common challenges we share in our businesses.

Discussion topics include: Arbitration, Admiralty and Maritime Law, Big Data, Brokering, Chartering, Insurance...

7 Simple Rules to participate

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Maritime Intermezzo

Discussion topics include:

Arbitration, Big Data, Admiralty and Maritime Law, Supply Chain Optimization, Operations, Innovation and Collaboration, Regulation, Recruiting, Retention and Development of Talent, Shipbuilding, End-of Life Recycling, Salvage, Chartering, Brokering, Bunkering, STS, Insurance, Education/Training, Simulation, Augmented Reality, Agents, Safety, Environment, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Leadership, Management, and Sustainable Responsible Business.

You'll be happy to know that we invite you all to participate in a non-combative and spam free environment.

7 Simple Rules:

1) There is a wealth of knowledge to be shared and benefited from, your contribution is how you'll be remembered.
2) Self promote through professional writing and behavior!
3) Respond to threads on the site to allow for all to benefit, even in response to a direct question!
4) The discussion area is for open discussion!
5) When posting, stick around to facilitate your discussions!
6) Keep personal issues for FB and other social media!
7) Agree to disagree and, if necessary, move on offline!

In short participate. Keep the discussion area free for discussions and have FUN!